Getting started with the plugin

Before explaining in detail plugin features, we had better understand the way dispatching of survey emails is conceived. The plugin allows you to schedule sequential series of emails and set for each of them a time interval since the order is set to “pending”, as shown in the below image and better described in this page of the documentation.

Email delay time

Yet, emails are not sent exactly when the scheduled time passes. That time corresponds to the moment in which the email is considered as “ready” for being shipped. Yet, it will be dispatched only when the plugin cron runs (default time is to one hour). Once the cron runs, it will send all emails which scheduled time has passed. Learn more about WordPress Cron system in this page.The first step in configuring the plugin is to set the time interval (minutes) after which a pending order has to be considered “pending” in the plugin system as well, so that email dispatching can be triggered.

Survey pending order

Cancelled orders

If the order is still “pending” beyond the maximum time specified in “Cut-off time value for pending order”, its status will be automatically changed to “cancelled”.

Cut-off time value for pending order


In this documentation page, we explain the process to create a new survey and to configure the email that will be sent to user after order will acquire the “pending” status. We suggest you to follow this sequence of steps to better understand the behavior of the plugin.

Create survey

All surveys you create will be shown in the list of “YIT Plugins -> Pending Order Survey -> Survey”.


Click on “Add new” to create a new survey. Now click on “Add survey question” button to insert the first question of the survey.

Question insertion

Insert question text and check “Required” field, if you want the answer to be required.

Question text and required field

Repeat the process for each new question you want to insert to the survey. Once completed, you could insert the survey right inside email, as explained in this page.


Answers to survey questions are only of “open” typology.

Survey sample

Right inside each survey, you can consult all the answers given to all questions until now.

Answers list

Answers are anonymous.


Export function allows to export all the questions and related answers of the survey in csv format. To generate the file click on“Export results” button. Once opened, enter “semicolon” to divide the columns.




You can choose to send one or a series of emails for each pending order on your store. To configure a new email message, go to YIT Plugins > Pending Order Survey > Email and click on “Add new”.

New email


Email content

Customize emails

Compose your email using the placeholders highlighted in the image and quickly recover information about the user you are sending the email to.

  • User’s first Name
  • User’s last Name
  • Full Name
  • User’s email address
  • Order content: complete list of order items
  • Order Link: link that allows users to be redirected to the checkout page to try a new purchase. In case the order is completed, it will be added to the list of recovered orders, as shown in this page.
  • “Coupon”: coupon code that the user can use for following purchases. Amount and expiration date for the coupon are set in the dedicated section that you can find in the same email configuration page.

Coupon settings

Select survey

In order to add the survey redirect link to the email body, click on the specific button available in the editor and select tyhe survey you want to associate to this email.


Select survey

Email settings

In email configuration page, you can enable or disable automatic sending of the selected emails and specify when the first email has to be sent. You can set the delay time since the order si assigned the status “pending”.

Activate/deactivate emails

Additional settings can be configured in the section “General settings” in plugin settings panel.


Email settings

Thank-you email

A thank-you email, if enabled, is sent to all users that have responded to the survey.

Thank-you email

All details concerning the email che be edited in “WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > Thank-you email”.

Orders in pending status

The complete list of orders in “pending” status can be consulted in “Pending Order” section of plugin settings dashboard.Email can be sent manually by selecting the template and clicking on “Send email” button.

Orders in pending

Recover orders

A recovered order is an order in “pending” status which acquires the “completed” status after user makes a new attempt to purchase, originated by the repurchase link shown in the email.
The complete list of recovered orders is in “Recover Order” section of plugin settings dashboard.


Recover orders


“Report” section includes the following information:

  • number of orders in “pending” status
  • number of sent emails
  • number of recovered orders
  • conversion rate given by the number of sent emails and the number of recovered orders


Same information, limited to single email typology, are shown in the footer of page configuration itself.


Report on single email typology