Delivery mode

The first step is to specify the delivery mode you set for your shop:

  • classic: the product delivery is handled by yourself (it is the default mode used by the plugin)
  • by carriers: the product delivery is entrusted to a third party service: the carriers

In case of delivery by carriers, go to YITH Plugins -> Delivery Date and enable “Carrier System”.

Delivery System

Now you can configure the settings related to your orders and insert the available days and time slots.
Go to this page to get detailed information about how to configure the delivery settings, both in case of “classic” and “by carriers” delivery mode.


The plugin has the option Show DatePicker available in the Settings section to show or hide the datepicker on the frontend. You can choose the date format from the many made available by the plugin.


The delivery date will show with the selected format on the Checkout page.