Time Slots

You can create an unlimited number of time slots for each day of the week and each carrier. In this way, users can choose the time they prefer for their delivery.

In order to do it, go to Carrier options, select the carrier, click on Add time slot and insert the available times for the deliveries.



For each time slot you can:

  • limit the number of deliveries: if the maximum number of deliveries for the selected time slots has been already reached, the users can’t choose them for their delivery; however, they can still select the same day.
    The value must be inserted in “Lockout”.
  • assign an additional cost: receiving the order at the selected time slot will entail an additional cost. You can customize both fee name and price.
  • specify the days on which it is available: by default, from when it has been created, the time slot is available for each delivery day that can be selected.
    However, you can insert the specific days on which the time slot is available in “Set Workdays”.