Settings for deliveries

Plugin mode settings

First of all, choose the working mode you want to use from Checkout based and Product quantity table.

Checkout based mode allows you to set delivery dates for the whole order in processing methods.

Product quantity table mode allows you to set custom delivery dates for different products and will enable a table on the product page.

Delivery settings

The plugin has the option Show DatePicker available in the Settings section to show or hide the datepicker on the frontend. You can choose the date format from the many made available by the plugin or set a custom one.

The delivery date will show with the selected format on the Checkout page.


Through the option Time increments, you can let users choose the delivery time from 1 minute to 1 hour. The value is expressed in minutes.

Time Slot Fee Settings

By enabling the option Fee taxable, you will be able to add taxes to the time slot fees (excluded by default).  After enabling it, you will need to select the tax class to apply to your time slot fees.

Event calendar settings

To add the expected shipping and deliveries to the calendar, you need to specify through the option Order status all order statuses that will trigger this action.





Processing options

Through the tab Processing options, you can create a new processing method: this will allow the system to calculate dynamically the first available date when the product will be entrusted to the carrier.

  • In Required Workdays insert the minimum number of days required to process the order. This value will allow the system to calculate the first available date for the product to be entrusted to the carrier after a specified number of days (Workdays) since the order completion.
  • In Workday, select the days on which you manage the order shipping.
    This will allow the system to calculate the first available date to entrust the product to the carrier.
  • In Select carrier, you must select the carrier(s) that will be in charge of the processing method. You must create carriers from YITH->Delivery Date->Carriers options.

  • Shipping method applies the settings you have to configure in WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Shipping zones. From this section, click on Add new shipping zone and select a shipping method. Once selected, click on Edit to change its settings and add the Processing method.


Custom Processing Day

If the shipping for some products requires less or further days compared with what previously specified in “Required Workdays”, go to the section Custom Processing Day and insert the required number of days for the product or product category.

Here, you can also configure custom processing days depending on the product quantity ordered by the user. You can create unlimited quantity ranges both for product and product category. Moreover, every rule you create can be independently enabled or disabled.

If the cart includes several products and each of them has different delivery times, the maximum time will be applied to the whole order.