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Default form

If you want to show the default form on your products and allow users to send you an inquiry, go to the section Inquiry form and select Default form in Form to show.

Through the option Set inquiry form as, you will be able to choose how to set the inquiry form: you can hide it on all the products, show it on all the products or show it only on the products added to the Exclusion list.

Default form

In Default form fields, you will be able to manage all the fields available for the form. The fields available are first name, last name, email, message, acceptance.

Default form fields

Send an inquiry with default form

You can activate/deactivate the fields through the related button and edit the available options: Name, Type (Text, Email, Textarea, Acceptance), Class, Label, Label Class, Placeholder, Position (First, Last, Wide), Required (YES/NO).

Edit default form fields

If you want to use the reCAPTCHA in the default form, you must enable the option Add a reCAPTCHA to the default formĀ then insert the site key and secret key in the respective fields.

Add a reCAPTCHA to the default form

reCaptcha in default form