To have access to the plugin settings dashboard, go to YITH Plugins -> Added to Cart Popup -> Settings.

General settings cart

This is the full list of the options available.

  • Popup Size: width and height of the popup (in pixel).
  • Popup Animation: entrance animation of the popup.
  • Enable Popup: this option lets you enable or disable the features of the plugin in the “Shop” page and/ora in detail product page of the products of your site.
  • Popup message: message showed in the popup as notification for the correct addition of the product to the cart.
  • Select content: the content of the popup, choosing between the information of the product added to the cart, and the complete list of the elements already available in the cart.
  • Show product info: show/hide product info in the popup.
  • Show product thumbnail: show/hide the image of the products in the popup. If enabled, you need to set the size of the images from the “Thumbnail size” option. Once changed, you could need to regenerate all the images of the site.
  • Show product variations: choose to show product variations details ( only available of variable product ).
  • Show cart total: show tht total price of the cart.
  • Show shipping fees: show the shipping fees applied to the cart.
  • Show tax amount: choose to show tax cart amount in the popup
  • Show “View Cart” Button: add the “View cart” button in the popup in order to let users access directly to the “Cart” page.
  • “View Cart” Button Text: label for the “View cart” button.
  • Show “Continue Shopping” Button: add a button that let users surf again the page they were visiting.
  • “Continue Shopping” Button Text: label for the “Continue Shopping” button.
  • Show “Go to Checkout” Button: add the “Go to Checkout” button in order to let users access directly to the “Checkout” page.
  • “Go to Checkout” Button Text: label for the “Go to checkout” button.
  • Enable on mobile: this option enable plugin’s features also for those users that surf the site on mobile devices.