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Exclusion list

By default, the popup automatically opens whenever you add a product to the cart.

However, if you want to restrict this to specific products or exclude some products, you can take advantage of the Exclusion list that you find in YITH > Added to Cart Popup.

Let’s see how this works. This is what we see when it’s empty. Let’s click on + Add exclusion to add a product or a category.

Exclusion list

Then, we have a our list.

Excluded products

Now, from the General options, we have to decide how the Exclusion list should work from the Show popup in option.

Show popup in option

So, considering our list, if we set the option to All products (except the ones in the Exclusion list), the popup will appear when we add any product to the cart except for Blue man t-shirt and Cherokee t-shirt.

On the other hand, if we set the option to Products in the Exclusion list only the popup will appear only when we add Blue man t-shirt and Cherokee t-shirt to the cart.