YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is the plugin thanks to which you will have an actual affiliation system on your shop in a few steps. You can set a commission rate, unique or different for each affiliate. The payment can be done manually or automatically by delegating the procedure to PayPal.

By combining the use of these two plugins, you will be able to credit the commissions due to your users as funds, so that their balance increases.

After installing and activating both plugins, the option to pay commissions as funds will be added to the payment management of YITH WooCommerce Affiliates.




For further details about YITH WooCommerce Affiliates settings, please refer to the official documentation.

YITH WooCommerce Email Templates

Thanks to the integration with YITH WooCommerce Email Templates, you are also free to customize the emails the plugin sends. You only need to install and activate both plugins and you will have the possibility to stylize the following emails:

  • Funds
  • Customer funds note


YITH Multi Vendor

YITH Multi Vendor allows turning your shop into a marketplace like Amazon or Etsy. Let users apply as vendors, and manage their own products, orders, coupons and sales reports in exchange of a provision on each sale. It’s a win-to-win solution for both the admin and the vendors.

The integration with YITH Account Funds allows you to issue vendors’ payouts into their digital wallet, by simply crediting the amount in their account funds.

To enable this integration, you just have to make sure that both plugins are installed and enabled from the Plugins page.

Then, make sure you enable the Account Funds payment method in YITH > Multi Vendor > Gateways > Account Funds

And you will see this gateway enabled in Gateways > General settings.

Now, if you want to automatically credit the vendors’ commissions to their account funds, please, make sure you select it as the default gateway in Gateways > General settings > Pay commissions to vendors during checkout.

If, on the other side, you don’t want this to be the default method, but use it manually, you can simply leave those settings unchanged. When you have to issue a vendor’s payout to the account funds, you can do that from the Commissions page, by simply clicking on the Account Funds button next to it.

Once processed, it will appear in the Paid list.

For more details about the configuration of YITH Multi Vendor, please, refer to the full documentation here.

YITH WooCommerce Review For Discounts

With YITH WooCommerce Review For Discounts, you will be free to offer a coupon to all users writing a review about the products they have purchased. Once they leave a review, the system will automatically send an email with a coupon code they can use on the next purchase.

In combination with YITH WooCommerce Account Funds, the admin can reward the registered customer that leaves a review also with funds.

After installing and activating both plugins, you will be able to configure the email that will inform the customers about the new funds that have been credited thanks to their review.



For further details about YITH WooCommerce Review for Discounts, please refer to the official documentation.

YITH WooCommerce Subscriptions

The integration with  YITH WooCommerce Subscription lets the customers pay with their Funds, also renewal orders. After the installation, the payment method YITH Funds must be enabled from WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.
enable funds

You will be able to perform the following actions on your subscriptions:

  • cancel: both the admin and the customers can cancel a subscription.
  • pause: both the admin and the customers can pause a subscription.
  • add multiple subscriptions to the same cart: any user will be able to add more than one subscription to the same cart and pay with a credit card.
  • edit details of ongoing subscriptions: billing cycle, price, billing date, expiry date, subscription recurring amount.


You will be able to edit the following subscription information:

Recurring period: you can change the duration of the billing cycle and change it to a given number of days, weeks, months or years.

Start date: you can change the start date of the subscription. A note in the subscription details will keep track of this action. You will see a note with the following text: The start date has been changed from xx/xx/xxxx to xx/xx/xxxx.

Payment due date: change here the date of the next payment. The customer will automatically be charged on the new date you’ve set. A note in the subscription details will keep track of this action.

Expired date: you can change the subscription expiry date here. Remove the date if you want the subscription to NEVER expire.
Please note that if the subscription is already expired, changing the expiry date here will not re-activate the subscription. You will need to change it from the subscription Actions box on the right. Read more about this here.

You will also be able to edit the price of the recurring fee:

Edit price of ongoing subscriptions