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YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is the plugin thanks to which you will have an actual affiliation system on your shop in a few steps. You can set a commission rate, unique or different for each affiliate. The payment can be done manually or automatically with any of the automatic gateways.

By combining these two plugins, you will be able to credit the affiliate commissions as available funds in your users’ account.

Make sure you enable this gateway from YITH > Affiliates > General options > Commissions & Payments > Payment gateways.

Enable account funds

Now, you will be able to see this payment gateway as a payment option on the Commissions page, both in the bulk actions and in every single commission.

Funds in commissions bulk actions
Account funds in commissions bulk actions
Funds in commission actions - commissions view
Account funds in commission actions – commissions view
Funds in commission actions - commission detail
Account funds in commission actions – commission detail

A payment record will be created in the Commissions Payments tab. As it is processed instantly, the payment will appear as Completed and the commissions as Paid.

Also, you will see a record of the payment in the Income/Expenditure History endpoint in My account, where all the funds’ movements are recorded.

Funds in My account

For further details about YITH Affiliates settings, please refer to the official documentation.