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Rule priority

The plugin applies a shipping cost to each product, yet, this varies according to the rule that applies on the product.

A rule applies only if all the conditions set are met, that is:

  • the product quantity has to fall within the specified range
  • the total cart amount has to fall within┬áthe specified price range
  • user country, city and zip code have to match the ones specified in the rule

What if more than one rule applies to the same product?

Only one rule per product applies, so, even if there is more than one rule that could potentially apply to the same product only the first one in the list (from top to bottom) applies.

Rules are processed according to the following priority order:

  • Rules on product variations (for variable products only)
  • Rules on products
  • General rules

As soon as the system finds a rule that applies to the product, the shipping cost is applied to the cart.

The priority order can be edited by simply dragging and dropping the rules.

Change priority rule

The priority order is from top to bottom, that is the higher that rule, the higher priority it has.