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Integration with YITH Multi Vendor

With YITH Multi Vendor you can turn your e-commerce store into a marketplace (a multi-vendor platform) like Amazon or Etsy. Turn your e-commerce store into a marketplace (a multi-vendor platform) and earn commissions on orders generated by your vendors.

If used with YITH Product Shipping, also your vendors will be able to add extra shipping rules on their own products, and the shipping costs will be attributed to the vendor as a separate commission.

To use this integration, you simply have to install and activate both plugins and it will be automatically enabled.

The vendor will be able to see the shipping cost table in the product edit details and add their own extra costs per product from the Shipping costs tab.

Enable shipping costs
Product shipping in cart

The plugin will automatically generate commissions on the product price and an additional commission line with the shipping costs. In this way, the shipping costs will entirely be attributed to the vendor. In the following image, you can see the two lines, one for product commissions and the other one for shipping costs.

Product shipping commissions

For more details about how to set up YITH Multi Vendor, please, refer to the plugin documentation.