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As soon as you activate the plugin, a new shipping method is automatically created and it will be used to apply the shipping rules you create.

Shipping method at checkout page

The total cart amount is equal to the sum of costs associated with all applying rules.

Please, note: you can only apply one rule per each product in the cart.

To learn more about how to manage the priority, we suggest you read the first page of this guide.

General settings

In the plugin panel, you will find the General settings and the general shipping rules.

Let’s have a look at the options first:

General settings

Product shipping: enable this option to start configuring shipping rules on a product basis.

Product variations: enable this option to be able to configure shipping rules also on a variation basis. Please, note: this will increase loading time, so we recommend keeping it disabled if you don’t need custom rules per product variation.

Taxonomies loading: flag it if you want to disable the loading of available taxonomies (categories, tags etc.) in the rule’s setting. This will improve the performances but only if you don’t need to create shipping rules by taxonomy.


    • All allowed countries: you can however restrict specific rules using the Geolocation option.
    • Specific countries: this will restrict the rules to only selected countries. Recommended if all your shipping rules apply to the same countries.

Cart method name: enter here the text that will identify your custom shipping rules in the Cart.

Shipping name in cart and checkout

Message for Global products: enter here a custom message to show on all product pages to inform your users about additional costs.

Message position: choose here the position of the above message.

Global message for products

This message can be overridden on a product level, as you can see here.

Taxable: choose whether the shipping costs you set up here are taxable or not.

Table rows: default number of rows to show. If you have more rules, the plugin will add paginate them.

Table columns: choose here the columns that you want to display for the setup of your shipping rules. We always recommend only showing those columns that you actually need to reduce the loading efforts as much as possible.

Let’s see now how to properly configure your shipping rules here >

Create a new shipping rule

The plugin allows creating general or specific rules and applying them to all or selected products in the shop. Let’s see how this works.

How to create general rules?

All the general shipping rules have to be created in the “Global shipping costs” section from the menu YITH > Product shipping.

Global shipping rules

Each rule is on a new line.

More global rules

Let’s look into each single rule configuration parameter:

  • Single product quantity: minimum and maximum product quantity in the cart as a condition for the rule to apply.
  • Cart total price: minimum and maximum cart amount. The rule does not apply if the total cart amount falls outside the specified values.
  • Categories: enter the product categories that you want to associate with the rule. Leave it empty if you want to include all existing categories.
  • Tags: enter all the product tags that you want to associate with the rule. Leave it empty if you want to include all existing categories.
  • Country, State and Postal Code: use these fields if you want to associate the rule with a specific shipping zone. By default, the rule applies to users worldwide.
  • Shipping cost: fee added to the cart if the shipping rule applies.
  • Product cost: fee added to the cart for each product unit in the cart.

The shipping cost is calculated as the sum of shipping cost and product cost associated with the rule.

Create product rules

The plugin allows creating custom shipping rules both for simple and variable products.


Open the product page, click on the “Shipping Costs” tab and check the option “Enable Shipping Costs”.

Rule creation in simple product

As for general rules, you’ll be able to configure the rule using the above-mentioned parameters.

Product rules always take priority over general rules.


If you are working on a variable product, you can choose one of the following options:

  • create product rules that apply to all the product variations: click on the “Shipping Costs” tab and configure the rules.
    Rule for variable product
  • create rules for each single variation: select the variation, enable the option “Custom shipping costs” and create your custom shipping rules.
    Rule for single variation

Rules applied to a product variation always take priority over rules applied to variable products.

If you can’t see the “Custom shipping options” checkbox in the variation settings, please, make sure you have enabled the “Products variations” options in the plugin settings:

Product variations

Rule priority

The plugin applies a shipping cost to each product, yet, this varies according to the rule that applies on the product.

A rule applies only if all the conditions set are met, that is:

  • the product quantity has to fall within the specified range
  • the total cart amount has to fall within the specified price range
  • user country, city and zip code have to match the ones specified in the rule

What if more than one rule applies to the same product?

Only one rule per product applies, so, even if there is more than one rule that could potentially apply to the same product only the first one in the list (from top to bottom) applies.

Rules are processed according to the following priority order:

  • Rules on product variations (for variable products only)
  • Rules on products
  • General rules

As soon as the system finds a rule that applies to the product, the shipping cost is applied to the cart.

The priority order can be edited by simply dragging and dropping the rules.

Change priority rule

The priority order is from top to bottom, that is the higher that rule, the higher priority it has.

How to show a custom message on product pages

The plugin allows showing a custom message on the product page.

Custom message

A general message can be set from YITH Plugins > Product Shipping and is shown on every product.

General message

The text of the general message can be overridden from any product page.

Set message for single product