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Pre-authorize or charge

Both for Credit Card and PayPal payments, Braintree offers you the possibility to either charge your customers immediately or to authorize the transaction first and charge it later.

Go to YITH > PayPal Braintree > Credit Card to choose which option you want to use for card payments.

And go to YITH > PayPal Braintree > PayPal to choose which option you want to use for PayPal payments.


If you choose Charge, your customers will be charged immediately after the order is placed.

If you choose Authorize, the payment will be pre-authorized only, but the customer will not be charged yet. To charge the customer account, you can go into the Order details and set the order to Processing or Completed status.

To void the pre-authorization, just set the order status to Cancelled.


Please, note that the authorization expires after a certain amount of days, which varies by payment method. We suggest charging or voiding the pre-authorization as soon as possible either from the order details or from your Braintree account. Read more about Pre-authorization settings on this page.