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Configure merchants for multi-currency shops

You have to fill out this section only if you have different merchant accounts on a multi-currency shop. Please, ignore these settings if you don’t need it.

You have to set a different merchant ID if you want that the process payments in different currencies.

To add a new merchant ID, make sure the Merchant accounts have been already created on your Braintree account > Business:

Merchants on Braintree

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Select the currency for this merchant ID in the dropdown menu.
    Select Merchant
  2. Click on Add merchant account ID for (currency) button.

  3. Enter the merchant account ID for this currency into the field you’ve just created as it appears in your Braintree account > Business Merchant Accounts.

  4. Repeat as needed for each merchant ID / currency.

Remember to use a new merchant account for each currency.