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BrainTree is the first and the only payment platform that allows receiving both payments with credit card and with PayPal, in one single integration. Read more about Braintree here.

Please, note: to use the Braintree PayPal integration, make sure have enabled PayPal in your Braintree account under Settings > Processing.

It’s absolutely possible to use only the Braintree PayPal gateway without using the Braintree Credit Card gateway if you are already using another credit card processor.

This plugin includes two different tabs for the settings of Credit Card and PayPal services offered by Braintree. The settings are similar, so the following information apply to both services, except for those available only for credit card that will be highlighted.

Create and configure a Braintree account

Create a Braintree account

To start receiving payments on your website through Braintree, you have to register a new Braintree account.

You can either create a Braintree sandbox account or an effective account. We always suggest configuring and testing the plugin with a sandbox account.

Create a Braintree sandbox account from this page. Make sure you select a sandbox account later on.

Create a Braintree production account from this page. Make sure you select a production account later on.

Select Sandbox or Production account

Enable Card and PayPal payments

Once you’ve created an account, you can connect it to your shop.

You can enable Card and PayPal separately. So, make sure you configure both if you want to use them both.

Go to the plugin settings YITH > PayPal Braintree > Credit Card and enable the option.

You can also enter a title and description as they will appear on the checkout page and choose whether to use a Sandbox or a Production account.

Enable Credit Card

Please, make sure you repeat the following steps in YITH > PayPal Braintree > PayPal.

Enable PayPal

Connect the account

Once you’ve chosen whether to connect a sandbox or production account, go to your Braintree account and click on the Settings wheel icon and click on API.

Braintree API

This is what you’ll see:

API keys

Click on View to open details. Here you can find the Public Key and Private Key that you can copy and paste into the plugin settings panel YITH > PayPal Braintree > Credit Card or PayPal, based on the payment gateway you want to configure.

API keys

If you want to configure both credit card and PayPal payments, please, make sure you repeat the same process for both.

Configure merchants for multi-currency shops

You have to fill out this section only if you have different merchant accounts on a multi-currency shop. Please, ignore these settings if you don’t need it.

You have to set a different merchant ID if you want that the process payments in different currencies.

To add a new merchant ID, make sure the Merchant accounts have been already created on your Braintree account > Business:

Merchants on Braintree

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Select the currency for this merchant ID in the dropdown menu.
    Select Merchant
  2. Click on Add merchant account ID for (currency) button.

  3. Enter the merchant account ID for this currency into the field you’ve just created as it appears in your Braintree account > Business Merchant Accounts.

  4. Repeat as needed for each merchant ID / currency.

Remember to use a new merchant account for each currency.

Dynamic Descriptors

Dynamic Descriptors

A descriptor is what your customers will see on their bank statement when they make a purchase through your mobile app or website.

So, to make sure that every transaction happening on your website can be clearly traced, configure a descriptor that you and your customers can easily identify.

Dynamic Descriptors for Credit Card payments
Descriptor for PayPal
Dynamic Descriptors for PayPal payments

Dynamic descriptors are typically composed of a name and phone number or URL. The name generally includes both the business name and product name, separated by an asterisk (*).

  1. Name – Name displayed for the dynamic descriptor. Braintree requires this to be in a very specific format.There are three formats you may use, and letters must be separated by an asterisk:
        • (3 letters)*(up to 18 letters) – 3 letters to represent company name, up to 18 letters to represent product name. Example:
        • (7 letters)*(up to 14 letters) – 7 letters to represent company name, up to 14 letters to represent product name. Example:
        • (12 letters)*(up to 9 letters) – 12 letters to represent company name, up to 9 letters to represent product name. Example:


  2. Phone (only for Card payments) – Your phone number. It must be max 14 characters, and can only contain numbers, dashes, parentheses, or periods.
  3. URL (only for Card payments) – Your website URL. It must be 13 characters or less.The dynamic description will be shown in the transaction details. See an example here:

Description in transaction details

To read more about Descriptors, please, refer to the official Braintree documentation.

Save Cards and PayPal account details

If you scroll down in the settings, you will be able to find a section for Other settings.

Here you can Enable debug log.

Also, you can enable the automatic saving of customers’ payment details.

Save cards

Go to the Card settings panel and enable the option Save Cards to store customers’ card details in your website (tokenized).


Your customers will be able to make a second purchase and choose among any of the cards they’ve used before or add a new one from the checkout page.

Saved cards in checkout

Save PayPal details

Do the same for PayPal, and enable the option Save Payment Details to store your customers’ PayPal account details in your website (tokenized). They will be able to use the same PayPal account(s) they used for previous purchases.

Save PayPal details


Add, remove or select default payment method

If you want to give them the option to add or remove one or more cards or PayPal account from their account or set one of those as a default payment method, they can do that from My Account > Payment methods.


3D Secure and advanced Fraud tool

3D Secure (credit card only)

The plugin allows you to add an extra security layer for credit and debit card transactions. If you enable this option, your users will be asked to go through an additional authentication step before they can complete the purchase.

This will help you enhance the security level of transactions both for you and your customers and reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Please, note: this tool is only available for credit card, debit card, and Visa Checkout transactions.

Go to the plugin settings in YITH > PayPal Braintree > Settings and turn on the toggle button.

When enabled, during the checkout users will see a popup like this:


Only after adding their credentials, they will be able to complete the payment.

You can read more about this tool here.

Advanced Fraud Tool (credit card only)

There are two levels of fraud protection made available by Braintree: Basic Fraud Tools and Advanced Fraud Tools. Read more about what options are included here.

Advanced Fraud Tools is not enabled by default, so if you want to choose whether to use it or not, you have to enable it first on Braintree and then in the plugin options panel.

Go to your Braintree account Settings > Processing and scroll down to Fraud Tools: enable the Advanced Fraud Tools option.

Advanced Fraud Tools

Then, go to the plugin settings panel in YITH > PayPal Braintree > Credit Card and scroll down to Fraud Tools. From this select dropdown you can switch at any time from Basic to Advanced Fraud Tools.

Advanced Fraud Tools

Pre-authorize or charge

Both for Credit Card and PayPal payments, Braintree offers you the possibility to either charge your customers immediately or to authorize the transaction first and charge it later.

Go to YITH > PayPal Braintree > Credit Card to choose which option you want to use for card payments.

And go to YITH > PayPal Braintree > PayPal to choose which option you want to use for PayPal payments.


If you choose Charge, your customers will be charged immediately after the order is placed.

If you choose Authorize, the payment will be pre-authorized only, but the customer will not be charged yet. To charge the customer account, you can go into the Order details and set the order to Processing or Completed status.

To void the pre-authorization, just set the order status to Cancelled.


Please, note that the authorization expires after a certain amount of days, which varies by payment method. We suggest charging or voiding the pre-authorization as soon as possible either from the order details or from your Braintree account. Read more about Pre-authorization settings on this page.

PayPal custom button

The following section available in YITH > PayPal Braintree > PayPal allows you to configure the graphical appearance of the button to make your users check out with PayPal, and the layouts are the ones officially provided by PayPal, so your users will immediately able to recognize PayPal logo and style.


  • Button Label: pick the text that has to be displayed on PayPal button among the ones made available by PayPal. You can show simple text as well as PayPal logo.Button label
  • Show the funding icons: choose whether to show the acceptance marks with credit card logos accepted by PayPal. This acceptance varies dynamically based on the country you’ve set up in your PayPal account.
    Acceptance marks
  • Button size: choose among a fixed size or a responsive option.Button size
  • Button style: choose between a rounded or square outline.Button layout
  • Button colour: choose among the different colours PayPal brand offers to make it fit your shop appearance.Button colour

Here are a few exaples of the possible combinations. Choose the layout that you prefer!

Button styles

Refund from order

If you have to refund an order that has been paid through Braintree, forget about all the hassle and bussle of searching the transation on your Braintree account and refund the payment: thanks to this plugin, you can do that right from the order details page in one click.

Open the order details and click on Refund. You will be able to enter the total or partial amount to refund. Click on Refund $xx via YITH Braintree to confirm, and it’s done.

Refund from order