Actions on order

Despite the email sending system is automated, by accessing the Orders page you can intervene manually, performing one of the following actions using the dedicated buttons you find on the right of the page:

  • sending emails to customer
  • schedule email sending
  • delete the email in order for it to be removed from the next planned scheduling.

Actions on Orders page

Send a new reminder

If you want to send a new reminder email to the customer, just click on Send a new reminder and a popup will open. Here, you will be able to send the email right away or schedule the sending for a new date.

Send a new reminder email

Schedule reminder

If you need to schedule email sending for those orders for which no email was sent or those placed before starting to use the plugin, or in case you want to force the sending before the order is set to Completed, you can take advantage of the Schedule reminder feature. By clicking on button, a popup will open and you will be able to send the email right away or schedule the sending for a specific date.

Schedule review reminder email

Delete a review reminder email

If for any reason, you want to cancel a scheduled email sending, you can easily do it by clicking on Delete and confirm the action from the popup.

Cancel a scheduled reminder email

Bulk actions

These actions may also be performed massively, directly from the summary page. Select orders and choose the action you wish to perform from the drop-down menu of “bulk actions” “bulk actions”┬áin WordPress.

Bulk actions