General informations about free version

YITH WooCommerce Review Reminder sends automatic emails to users to invite them to review the products they recently purchased. Emails are sent after 7 days from orders changing their status in “Completed”.
Scroll this page content to discover how to customize emails content and manage the “blocklist” provided in the plugin.

Mail settings

In “YITH Plugins -> Review Reminder” you can configure email settings.

Mail settings

The content of the email. Depending on the type of message, it may contain HTML tags and placeholders. During the creation of the message, you can add the following parameters to get dynamically the corresponding information:

  • {customer_name}: the customer’s name
  • {customer_email}: the customer’s email
  • {site_title}: the title of the site
  • {order_id} : the order ID
  • {order_date}: the date and the time of the order
  • {order_date_completed}: the date in which the order is completed
  • {order_list} : the list of the purchased products that still have to be reviewed. This parameter must be added inside the email text in order to keep its meaning and functionality.
  • {days_ago}: the number of days passed between the purchase and the dispatching of the email.

Example email.

Email example


“Blocklist” includes the list of users who, through a specific link found in the received email, have chosen not to receive invitations by emails to review products they purchased in your shop.

Unsubscribe link

You can also add a new user manually to this list by clicking on Add New button and entering the email address you want to block.