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Path/filename format

In the “General” tab you will find the general settings of the plugin. You can use these settings to set the directory where you want to save the generated exportation files.

general settings

  • Path format: this option lets you indicate a customized directory to save the files within wp-content -> uploads -> yith-quick-export.
    The generated and exported files can be sorted automatically in folders using the {{year}}, {{month}} and {{day}} placeholders.

→ Example: if you want to have separate folders for each month of the year, you should use {{year}}/{{month}}.

On the contrary, if you don’t want to have a sub-folder arrangement, you just have to name the main folder in which you want to save all the files.

  • Filename format: the format of the name for each exported file. Use the following placeholders to build your customized format: {{year}}, {{month}}, {{day}}, {{hours}}, {{minutes}}, and {{seconds}}

→ Example: using “Export_{{year}}.{{month}}.{{day}}_{{hours}}.{{minutes}}.{{seconds}}”, the exportation of 26 May 2015 at 11:06:23 will create a file named: Export_2015.05.26_11.06.23.

  • Send documents to Dropbox: The plugin offers administrators the possibility to have an automatic backup on Dropbox for all the generated files. The backup is made immediately.