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If I delete an entry from the archive of the scheduled exports, will this action delete the already generated file?

No, this won’t affect the generated file. It will be kept until you will delete it manually from the folder in which it is stored.

The export of the customers does not contain all the users that have purchased on my store, why?

It is not a mistake. The plugin exports only the registered customers of the store that have made at least one purchase.

Can I set an automatic and recurring exportation for each month?

Sure! Go to the options panel of the plugin, then in the Data Exportation tab, and activate the “Scheduled exportation” option to set the monthly exportation.

Does the plugin work with Elementor page builder?

Yes, the plugin works well with Elementor. It does not interfere with pages built with the page builder, so you can use both plugins on your site without any issues.

Which customer’s info are exported?

All the default user info from WordPress, like the shipping/billing info, user, password, email, registration date, nickname, display name, user status, number of spam comments, etc.