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How to enable messages to show in the site

Purchase rules

You can show the complete list of the purchase rules in the product detail page: in this way, your users will know the necessary conditions to purchase in your e-commerce site.

Go to “Message settings”, enable “Show rules on product page” and choose the spot of the page where you want to show the rules.

How to show purchase rule messages

Purchase rule message on product page


Cart error message

In the Message settings section, you can customize the error messages that will be displayed in “Cart” page. This way, users will be informed about the changes they have to do to validate their cart and so proceed to the checkout step.

Cart page error messages

Message on cart page


Add to cart error message

In the Message settings section, under the “Add to Cart” Error Messages entry, you can find the complete list of all those messages that can be displayed to users when they add a product to the cart and an error condition happens. Activate or deactivate the displaying of these messages from the correlated option.

Add to cart error messages settings

Add to cart error message

Please note: the string of the error message shown for Add to cart is managed by the browser, not by the plugin.