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Connect the checkout fields to MailChimp

As previously mentioned, the plugin allows to connect the checkout fields to MailChimp: in this way, for each registration, you could save further information, in addition to the classic “Name”, “Surname” and “Email”, and reuse them later also for the creation of new forms through Mailchimp.

By default the plugin is already suitable to associate three fields: “First name”, “Last Name” and “Email”.

Default fields

Let’s see how to associate a new field. In this case, we will consider the “phone” field.
As first thing, we need to create a new field on MailChimp. Select the list and go to “Settings -> List fields and *|MERGE|* tags”.

List fields and *|MERGE|* tags

Now you can insert the new “Phone” field.

New field

Open again the plugin and update the fields list through the “Update Fields” button. The new field will be shown within the list.
PLEASE NOTE: check the list you have selected is the same as in the plugin and in MailChimp.

After selecting it, save the options set. Now the association is done.

Select new field

You can follow the same procedure described above to add the Address field. The only difference with Phone is the type of field on Mailchimp: text for the Phone field and Address for the address field.