Integration with MailChimp

First of all, if you don’t have an account, register one on MailChimp
Now go to and create a new API key with the related button, as you can see below.

Product type "Bundle"

After generating it, copy and paste the key in the “MailChimp API Key” field that you find in the plugin settings dashboard.

MailChimp API Key - Mailchimp panel

MailChimp API Key - Plugin panel

If no mistakes were made, validation will be done correctly and you will see the information about the linked MailChimp account.

MailChimp API Key Validated

General informations about checkout and subscription to MailChimp lists

Before detailed explanations on the actions you can make with YITH Woocommerce MailChimp, we want to make a brief introduction.
The plugin allows you to subscribe, automatically or manually, all the users who purchase on your shop to one of your Mailchimp lists and to possible interest groups.
For this reason, make sure of the creation of the list to which users will be subscribed on your MailChimp account.

How to subscribe customer to the list

Go to the plugin settings dashboard and select, in “MailChimp list”, the list to which you want to subscribe your users.
All the lists available in your account will be shown: if you have just created a new list and it is not shown among the available ones, click on “Update Lists” button to update the list.

MailChimp Lists

Now you can decide the moment for the user to be subscribed to the selected list, by choosing from two options:

  • user has completed the checkout
  • the order has the “Completed” status

Register user after...

The subscription to the list can occur in an implied way or only upon user’s request.
In the second case, it is essential to enable, through the specific option, the approval checkbox avalable in the “Checkout” page.

Newsletter checkbox - Plugin settings

Newsletter checkbox - Checkout page

Unless the Double Optin option hasn’t been enabled, the user will be added to the selected MailChimp list.

Mailchimp list

Update existing users

When an already subscribed user comes back to purchase on your shop, no action will take place on MailChimp list and you will get an error within the order which notifies that user has been previously subscribed.
The control will be applied in the email field.

MailChimp error

The error doesn’t happen if the subscription list has changed compared with the previous purchase.
However, in order to avoid the above mentioned MailChimp error, youcan enable the “Update existing” option.

Update exisiting option

In this way, the subscribed user’s profile will aslo be updated in an automatic way in case he/she inserted a different name/last name compared with the last purchase.

Enable double optin

If the “Double Optin” option is enabled, an email will be sent to the user who has completed the order on your shop. The subscription to the MailChimp list occurs only if the user gives his/her consent by the specific button available in the email.

Double optin option

Confirmation email

Send welcome email

By enabling the “Send welcome email” option from the plugin settings dashboard, a welcome email will be automatically sent to user after his/her successful subscription.

Welcome email

The sending can happen only if the “Double Optin” option is disabled.