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Video settings

To change the plugin general settings go to YITH -> Featured Video where you can find all the available options.

Right inside the “Video settings” section, you can change general settings related to video playing.

Videro settings

The options are:

  • Aspect Ratio: choose the display aspect ratio for video playing (16:9, 4:3 or custom)
    • Custom Aspect Ratio: insert the aspect ratio if the custom option is selected
  • Player Controls: show or hide player panel for all Vimeo or Youtube videos
  • AutoPlay: enable autoplay function
  • Loop: enable loop video playing function
  • Volume: set the volume
  • Stoppable videos: allow users to stop videos

All the other settings on the page allow changing configurations about some video components for Vimeo, Youtube, and VideoJS. VideoJS is a player used for all video inserted through uploads in WordPress gallery.

Youtube settings

Youtube settings

Vimeo settings

Vimeo settings

VideoJS player style

VideoJS Player style