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Add video

To add a new video to a product page, click on the “Video” tab and select how to insert the video.

add new product

You can add a video through the downlaod WordPress gallery or through a different platform choosing from Youtube and Vimeo, choosing from one of the following options:
how to link a video

  1. Add the video ID
  2. Add the video URL
  3. Add embed code.
    Right click on the video and copy the embed code:
    embed codeThen, paste it into the dedicated text areaEmbed code
  4. Upload a video: this option lets you upload a video directly from the product page.

video title

Unless you set up videos as “featured”, they will all be shown right inside a slider, underneath the product gallery, like in the following image.

video title 2

All videos will open in a pop up window. For further details about video settings, please visit this page.