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General information about premium version

YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio & Video Content lets you add video and audio contents on any products of the shop, with the freedom to set one of these as featured.

If the plugin has been installed, you will find, in “Product Data” section of single products, the “Video” and “Audio” sections where you could add new elements.

Video and Audio section

Add video

To add a new video to a product page, click on the “Video” tab and select how to insert the video.

You can add a video through the downlaod WordPress gallery or through a different platform choosing from Youtube and Vimeo, choosing from one of the following options:

  • Add the video ID
Add video by ID

  • Add the video URL
Add video URL
  • Add embed code.
    Right click on the video and copy the embed code.
Copy embed code

Now paste it in the plugin option.

Embedded code
  • Upload a video: this option lets you upload a video directly from the product page.
Upload video

After having added the right ID, link or code, make sure you always specify the title for each video you add.

Video title

Unless you set up videos as “featured”, they will all be shown right inside a slider, underneath the product gallery, like in the following image.

video title 2

All videos will open in a pop up window. For further details about video settings, please visit this page.

Add audio

The only way to add an audio file to a product is by integrating it from SoundCloud platform. After verifying the audio file is on the platform, click on the “Audio” tab you find in product settings and insert the “name” and “URL” of the file.

Audio product

Each audio file inserted in the list, unless it has been set up “featured”, will be added in a slider in a specific gallery underneath the product image.

product page

Select featured Audio or Video

To set up a video or audio content at the place of the shown image, select it in “Featured Video or Audio” field you find in product settings.

product page 2
featured video in product page
featured video in product page

Variable products

For audio and video insertions in variable products, consider the following information.
In product general settings you can add audio and video contents like described for single products. The selected audio or video will be shown to users if no variation has been set up.

variable products

You can add a new video for each variation and it will be shown to users after selecting the related variation.

Add video to product variations
products variations

Video settings

To change the plugin general settings go to YITH -> Featured Video where you can find all the available options.

Right inside the “Video settings” section, you can change general settings related to video playing.

Videro settings

The options are:

  • Aspect Ratio: choose the display aspect ratio for video playing (16:9, 4:3 or custom)
    • Custom Aspect Ratio: insert the aspect ratio if the custom option is selected
  • Player Controls: show or hide player panel for all Vimeo or Youtube videos
  • AutoPlay: enable autoplay function
  • Loop: enable loop video playing function
  • Volume: set the volume
  • Stoppable videos: allow users to stop videos

All the other settings on the page allow changing configurations about some video components for Vimeo, Youtube, and VideoJS. VideoJS is a player used for all video inserted through uploads in WordPress gallery.

Youtube settings

Youtube settings

Vimeo settings

Vimeo settings

VideoJS player style

VideoJS Player style

Audio settings

In the “Audio Settings” section you find settings about SoundCloud videos.

Audio settings

The available options are:

  • Show Artwork: show or hide the item’s artwork
  • AutoPlay: enable the autoplay
  • Volume: set the volume
  • Show Comments: show or hide comments
  • Show sharing button: show or hide share buttons
  • Color: set the color for the play button and the other options.

Modal settings

In the Modal settings section of the plugin, you will find the options to show or hide the featured video and audio in a modal window.

Modal settings

Through the option Modal displaying effect, you will be able to choose the effect to apply from None, Huge Inc, Corner, Slide down, Scale, and Little genie.

Gallery settings

Gallery settings

In gallery

There are two options to choose the gallery mode you want to use for your video and audio file: by choosing WooCommerce Gallery, videos and audio files (featured ones excluded) will show in the WooCommerce gallery. By selecting Plugin Gallery, videos and audio files (featured ones excluded) will show in the related gallery.

In slider

If you use the plugin in combination with the premium version of YITH WooCommerce Product Gallery & Image Zoom, you can enable the option you’ll find in the Gallery settings section: in this way, video and audio contents will be played in a slider, replacing the featured image, and no longer in a popup window.

In sidebar

With the “Video and Audio in sidebar” option, you are able to add a widget with the video and/or audio. Go to Appearance -> Widgets -> add Featured Audio and Video widget. Audio and video sliders will show in a sidebar instead of under the product image gallery.