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Transition from old label to the new 2021 label

If you are already using the YITH EU Energy Label plugin, you will have to switch to the new 2021 energy label regulations. Here we explain the steps.

It is important to always set the old label to “none” when applying the new label.

Per product

Step 1: Old label

Set old label to none

We open the product edit page and go to the “EU Energy Label” tab, here we set the old label to “None”.

Step 2: New 2021 label

new 2021 label

Now we go to the “EU Energy Label (new 2021)” tab and select the new label. (You can set the tooltip options as you did for the old label).

Bulk edit the label of multiple products

Step 1: Select products

edit and apply

Here we select 3 products that have the same label and we want to change to the new label. Select the products, choose ‘Edit‘ from the dropdown and click on apply.

Please note: All products you select will get the same new label.

step 2: change the old label and new label

bulk edit old to new

We set the old “EU Energy label” to “None” and we choose the new “EU Energy Label (New 2021)”. We set it to B, so all the selected products will get this new label.