Add and show energy label

Click on the product that you want to add an EU Energy Label too, then scroll down to product data, and click on EU ENERGY LABEL in the drop-down menu to choose the label you want to add.

Set EU Energy Label


Energy label in product page

You can choose the position of the energy label in a single product page, moving the default position to a one of following options

  • On product thumbnail
  • Above summary
  • Above description
  • Below description
  • Below add to cart button
  • Below summary

Position label

You will also find the setting to show the EU Energy Labels on product thumbnails in the shop page here, that you can enable or disable as you wish.

show on shop thumbnails

By using the shortcode  [yith_eu_energy_label] you are able to add the energy label in the product page.

Shortcode label

How to bulk edit energy labels

If you need to edit energy labels for your products in bulk, you can take advantage of WordPress bulk actions.

Go to the WooCommerce->Products and select the products you need to edit. Select Edit and click on Apply. You will get a similar result.

EU Energy Label bulk edit

In Product data, you will find the EU Energy option that allows setting a specific energy label to all the products previously selected.

EU Energy Label bulk edit

Label Linking Options

By default when you click on an energy label you’re redirected to a page that contains all products associated with that energy label.
You can add this behavior using the option “x” that allows you to set a custom URL where customers will be redirected after they click on the energy label. You can do this with our Label Linking Options.

Label Linking Options is a feature that gives you the option to link all products with the same energy label, so your customers will have the complete list of products of a specific energy class on one single page.

label linking options

label linking options customer view

You can also link to a custom URL, Take advantage of this feature to redirect your customers to a specific page once clicked on any energy class labels of your products.

label linking options custom url

Add a Tooltip

Adding a tooltip lets you add images that will be displayed when the mouse hovers over the product label.
To activate it, go to the “Products” tab, and choose the desired product. In the “Product Data” section choose the energy class of your product from the “EU Energy Label” drop-down menu, select the “Show tooltip” entry and add the image you want using the “Choose image” button.

Add a tooltip