YITH WooCommerce Account Funds

YITH WooCommerce Account Funds allows all users to have a virtual wallet for their purchases. Users can make a deposit and their sum gets converted into virtual funds that they can use to purchase from your store, avoiding any kind of transaction before purchase.

The plugin adds two sections to the “My Account” page:

  • Make a Deposit
  • Income/Expenditure History

After activating both plugins, you will see the ‘Funds endpoints’ tab in grey and the warning which redirects you to the endpoint settings.

Funds endpoints account funds

By using the two plugins, you can edit the details in both sections (label, slug, icon and content) form the YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page admin panel without having to edit the code.

endpoints integrations

YITH WooCommerce Membership

YITH WooCommerce Membership is a plugin that allows you to organise the content of your site into plans and make it accessible only to users who have paid for it. With this plugin you can offer your users a wide selection of products in exchange of a cost.

membership endpoints

By activating both plugins, a new endpoint will appear in the Customize My Account Page endpoints settings. The combination of the plugins allows you to customize the “Membership Plans” section content in the My Account page, through which the users can track their plans, directly from the dashboard.

Membership account frontend

YITH PayPal Payouts for WooCommerce

YITH PayPal Payouts for WooCommerce allows you to automatically send payments to any receiver you set up. The payments are calculated based on a percent commission you set for each receiver and applies to all orders of your store.

payouts tab

Integrated with YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page the endpoint with PayPal Payout content is automatically added to the my account page. The only thing you have to do, is to activate both plugins. 

For more information on how to set up PayPal Payouts, check the complete documentation here.

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

With YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote you can offer users the chance to request a quote for products in your shop. Once the request is received, the admin can process the offer and send it via email. Users can accept the offer and will be automatically redirected to the cart where they will find the exact agreed price.

Raq endpoints

If you activate both plugins, it will allow you to edit the details in the “My Quotes” section ( label, icon, and content). This is the area where users can monitor the state of their quote request, directly from the plugin panel.

YITH WooCommerce Subscription

YITH WooCommerce Subscription is a plugin designed to enable recurring payments for the services offered in your shop.

subscription endpoint

YITH WooCommerce Subscription adds a section to the “My Account” page that allows the users to track the subscriptions they purchased in the shop. By using the plugin in combination with YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page, you can customize the label and content directly from the administration panel applying quick changes.

YITH WooCommerce Waiting List

YITH WooCommerce Waiting List allows users to subscribe to a waiting list and be notified when the product is back available for purchase.

waiting list endpoints

The integration between these two plugins allows you to edit all the information in “My Waiting List” from the “My Account” page (label, icon and content) using the admin panel of YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page. The only thing you need to do is to activate both plugins.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a plugin that allows your customers to arrange the products they are interested in, in wish lists. This process allows them to find these products again easily at a later moment and eventually proceed to purchase them.

wishlist endpoints

Combining these two plugins you will have the chance to edit all the information in the “My Wishlist” tab (title, icon, content and position) in the My Account page, directly from the admin panel of Customize My Account Page.

By simply activating both plugins, the endpoint will be added automatically. The customer will be able to see the ‘My Wishlist’ tab in their my account page.

wishlist endpoints frontend