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General settings

In Settings > General, you can find configure the plugin general options.

General options
  • Enable AJAX navigation: enable this option to use Ajax when navigating between endpoints;
  • Default endpoint: select the endpoint you want to set as the default one.

User avatar

Through these options, you can manage the settings for the user’s avatar used on their My Account page.

User avatar
  • Default user avatar: choose whether to use the default avatar or a custom avatar for your users. By selecting Upload a custom user avatar, you can upload it through the dedicated option Upload default avatar;
  • Avatar size: set the avatar size in px (by default, 120 px);
  • Avatar border radius: set the border radius for the avatar: 0 for square, 10 for circle;
  • Allow users to upload avatar: enable this option to let users upload their own image to replace the default avatar.
Upload avatar