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Full list of the available options with the YITH WooCommerce Category Accordion widget.

  • Title: widget title.
  • Show in Accordion: type of element to show (WordPress categories, WooCommerce categories, WordPress tag, WooCommerce tag, WordPress menu).
  • Show WordPress/WooCommerce subcategories: show/hide the subcategories (if available) created on WooCommerce or WordPress, depending on the selected type on “Show in Accordion”.
  • Exclude WordPress/WooCommerce Categories: WordPress or WooCommerce categories to exclude in the list of the page.
  • Show Last Post: show the last published post for each category (option available only if you decide to show WordPress categories).
  • Highlight the current category: highlight the category of the page in which users are.
  • Show Count: show the number of elements assigned to each category.
  • Style: style for the widget – you can select it among the 4 sets in the options panel of the plugin.
  • Hide Accordion in pages: pages in which you don’t want to show the widget.
  • Hide Accordion in posts: posts in which you don’t want to show the widget.
  • Order By : category sorting by ID, name, or number of associated elements