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General settings for Category Accordion

To change the general settings of the plugin, go to the options panel clicking on YITH -> Category Accordion.

Category Accordion


Here follows the complete option list:

  • Hide empty: exclude all the categories and tags that don’t have assigned elements.
  • Open accordion on: occurrence for the opening of the accordion (click or hover).
  • Accordion speed: opening/closing speed of the accordion (in milliseconds).
  • Closed Accordion: the accordion will be displayed closed after the loading of the page.
  • Open subcategories: the accordion of the current category will be displayed open after the loading of the page.


  • Max depth level: level of the subcategories to show. Only subcategories of that level and higher would be considered. Set to 0┬áif you want to show all the subcategories.
  • Limit: number of elements (tag or category) to show. Set to -1 to show them all.