How to use the plugin in combination with YITH Multi Vendor

The plugin is 100% compatible with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor.
The integration allows vendors of the shop to configure catalog functionalities for their own products.
If you enabled both plugins, the first step is to enable their integration from “Add-ons” section of YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor settings dashboard.

Enable Catalog Mode integration

At this point, a new dedicated section will be added right inside each vendor’s reserved area.

Vendor admin

On products not owned by administrator, count the catalog settings configured by the vendor, except if in the plugin “Admin Override” field has been globally enabled.

Admin override

In this case, settings configured by administrator will prevale on those configured by the vendor.
If you want this behaviour to be valid for all vendors, except for a limited selection, click on “Do not apply to vendors in the “Vendor Exclusion List” (Exclusion)” field.

Catalog Mode options

Vendor exclusion list

If, on the contrary, you want shop administrator’s settings to overwrite only those of vendors included in the list, enable“Apply only to vendors in the “Vendor Exclusion List” (Reverse Exclusion)” field.