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Settings tab

In the plugin Settings tab, you will find options to be globally applied during bulk editing.


  • Round up prices: enable this option if you want to round up prices for bulk editing. For example, if the outcome by the bulk editing is 5,47382746238 -> it can be rounded up to 5,47 or 5,4738, etc. based on how you have set decimals in WooCommerce currency options;
  • Category name in categories dropdown: choose the category name to show in the categories dropdown when bulk editing. The available options are Category only, Category with its slug, Parent and sub-category, Parent and sub-category with its slug;
  • Hidden columns per user: enable if you want the hidden column settings to be saved per user rather than globally;

General options

  • Use regular expressions: if enabled, you will be able to use regular expressions in the Replace option of the bulk product editing modal;
  • Use light query: if enabled, the plugin will use a light query to retrieve products and improve your website performance. Since some advanced functionalities (e.g. filtering variable products by price) don’t work with this option enabled, we recommend using it only if you have a huge number of products.