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Round up prices prices after bulk editing

Round up prices on bulk editing to decimal places based on WooCommerce Settings.

Round up prices when bulk editing

Example, if the outcome by the bulk editing is 5,47382746238 it can be rounded up to 5,47 (two decimal digits) or 5,4738 (four decimal digits) etc. based on the what is set in the WooCommerce currency options.

number of decimals

Category name options

To make the filtering and bulk action easier, you can decide the category name to show in the dropdown. You can show the category name only (e.g. Man), the category name and slug (e.g. Man – man-shirts), the parent and category name (e.g. Clothing > Shirts > Man), or the parent and category name with slug (e.g. Clothing > Shirts > Man – man-shirts).

Options to show category name

This is also useful when editing a single row. For example, when editing the product category Man directly from the table, the option available in the plugin will prevent you from seeing two Man categories and will allow showing you only the right one to edit.   


Category name - Filters

Bulk editing

Category name - Bulk editing

Hidden columns per user

If you enable this option, the plugin will store hidden columns settings per user, instead of using the global settings. This is useful if there are multiple people working on specific changes only, as they will be able to always see their custom setup.

Hidden columns per user

Use regular expressions

By enabling the REGEX option, the plugin will let you use Regular Expressions in the “Replace” option from the Bulk product editing table.

So, for example, you may want to replace the word “bag” in every product title that contains it with “handbag”, you can do that!

Light query

If your store has a large number of products available and you want to improve your website performance, there is the possibility to use the light query by enabling the related option.

Use light query

Please note – by enabling this option, the advanced functionality that allows filtering and sorting variable products by price will not work.