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Enable Echeck

eCheck is a payment method that allows users to make payments by entering the identification code of their bank or merchant bank and their bank account number. In order to enable eChecks, you can go to YITH > > eCheck and enable the related option.

Enable eCheck payment

You will have to enter the Login ID and Transaction key as well (please check this page for more info), and choose whether to enable itemized transactions for echecks too (please refer to this page for more info about this option).

You can also enable the Debug log if you need to.

To see if it is working well, check if, once the payment request has been sent, the order goes to “Processing” or “Completed”, depending on whether the shipping is included or not.

Once this new payment model has been enabled, it will be available to users during checkout. All options in eCheck mode have the same behavior as standard Authorize payment mode.