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From the YITH > Added to Cart > Style tab you can manage the colors of the plugin options.

Style 1

  • Overlay color: Popup overlay color
  • Overlay opacity: Overlay opacity from 0 to 1
  • Popup background: Background color popup
  • Closing link color: Default and hover color of the link
  • Message text color: Popup message text color
  • Message background color: Background color popup message

Style 2

  • Message icon: Popup message icon uploaden (recommended 25×25 px)
  • Product name: Default and hover color of product name
  • Product price: Color of product price
  • Total and shipping label: Color for total and shipping label
  • Total and shipping amount: Color of total and shipping amount
  • Button background: Default and hover color of background button
  • Button text: Default and hover color of button text
  • Related title: Color of the ‘related product’ section title