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Mini cart

The plugin includes an icon that lets you open the cart popup and show the cart contents at any time. The mini-cart icon floats on the page, meaning that it will always be available in the same position on the screen even if you scroll the page up or down or if you move from one page to the other.

If you are browsing the website or reading more about a product, you will be able to check your cart contents at any time with just one click.

To set the floating cart icon, just go to the plugin settings in YITH > Added to Cart Popup > Mini Cart.

Mini cart options 1

Show Mini Cart on desktop: enable to show the mini cart on desktop devices.

Show Mini Cart on mobile: enable to show the mini cart on mobile devices.

Hide if empty: enable to hide the Mini Cart when the cart is empty.

Show counter: enable to show a counter with the number of items in cart.

Mini cart options 2

Mini Cart icon: choose if you want to show the default icon, upload a custom one or not show any icon at all.

Icon color: set the color of the icon.

Mini Cart colors: set the background, shadow and item counter colors.

Border radius: set the Mini Cart border radius.

Mini cart icon

Mini Cart position

Finally, you can set the position of the mini cart icon as it will appear on the screens.

Below an example of how it shows on the front end.

And when you click on the mini cart icon, it will show the cart contents and the upsell & cross-sell section (if enabled):