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Popup design

In the Customization > Popup design tab we can customize the look and feel of the popup. Let’s see all the available options.

Customization-popup design

Popup size (px): set the popup width and height in pixels. This is the maximum size. If the content does not take the full space, the popup will be automatically shrunk.

Popup animation: choose here the popup animation effect among the following:

  • fade in
  • slide in (left)
  • slide in (right)
  • slide in (top)
  • slide in (bottom)
  • 3D flip (vertical)
  • 3D flip (horizontal)
  • scale up

Overlay color: set the overlay color and opacity.

Border radius: set the popup border radius for each corner.

Show close icon: enable to show the close icon on the popup.

Close icon

Icon color: set the colors of the close icon, default and on hover.