General information

Unlike the free version, the premium one adds the following features:

  • Create a set of different price rules for each payment method available
  • Apply a cart surcharge or discount based on the selected payment method
  • The price variation can be either a fixed or a percent amount based on the cart subtotal
  • Add a note concerning the selected payment method in the checkout form
  • Choose the user roles to which the rule will apply
  • Enable the rule only if the cart subtotal matches the minimum and maximum values defined
  • Include or exclude tax from the cart amount, on which the price variation applies after selecting the payment method
  • Schedule a payment-method-based rule by selecting start and end date

The automatic increase and reduction of the order amount occur as a result of the rules created and configured in YITH Plugins -> Dynamic Pricing per Payment Method.

Set payment rules

To learn about how to configure a new payment rule correctly, we recommend reading this page of the documentation.

It is possible to apply more than one rule to the same payment method: learn about how to do it.