Need more options? Check the premium features

This version of our plugin works like a charm, but the premium one is an even more powerful tool to increase sales and conversions. By upgrading to the premium version, you can:

  • Enable the wishlist feature for all users or only for registered users
  • Allow users to create multiple wishlists (e.g.: Christmas, Birthday, etc.)
  • Users can choose the wishlist from a dropdown menu when they click on “Add to wishlist”
  • Allow users to set visibility options for each wishlist, by making them public (visible to everyone), private or shared (visible only to people it has been shared with)
  • Choose between different layouts for the wishlist page and for the wishlist content
  • Allow users to manage their wishlists: rename and delete wishlists, move a product from one wishlist to another, change the order of the items, the quantity, etc.
  • Enable an “Ask for an estimate” button to let customers send the content of their wishlist to the admin and get a custom quote
  • Show a wishlist widget that lists all the products in the wishlists (available also with “mini-cart” style for the header)
  • View the most popular products added to the wishlists by your customers and send promotional emails to users who have added specific products to their wishlists
  • Send an automatic email to the wishlist owner when a product in the list is on sale