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General settings

The plugin allows you to dynamically update product prices according to the role of the user who is going to purchase.

You can either set a global rule, which applies globally to groups of products in your store, or it can be specifically created for a single item in the shop.
Before describing how to create a new rule in both cases, you should focus on some essential elements concerning plugin behavior:

  • Each rule that you have created and configured will be applied to the “Regular price” or to the “sale price” (if set on the product) depending on the option settings in YITH -> Role Based Prices -> General settings.
General settings
  • More than one price rule can be applied to the same product, at the condition that all of them have been specified either in:
    • The “Price Rules” section in the plugin options panel (so they are global rules)
    • The single product page (so they are product rules).

Role Based Prices Transient

Under “General Settings” you will also find the option to use a tool to clear the plugin transients cache as you can see in the image above.

YITH WooCommerce Role Based Transients API allows developers to store information in your WordPress database with an expiration time. This helps speed up your site and keeps your server loading time down, using this option you can remove the transients cache.

Role Based Prices doesn’t allow the creation of new roles. It only manages the ones already available. However, you can create new roles with the use of Members free plugin.