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What happens if more than one rule of the same type has been created for the same user role?

If no rules have been set in the product, global rules will apply according to the priority order given to them.
On the contrary, the correct price will be applied according to the configured product rules. If no product rules have been set for the concerned user role, the actual product price will remain unchanged and so “regular price” will apply.

Does the plugin support variable products?

Sure, you can create unlimited price rules for each product variation

I would like to show users only shelf price and hide “Regular price” and “On-sale price”. How can I do?

Open “user settings” in the plugin options panel and uncheck the concerned price option associated to each user role.

Is this plugin compatible with any currency switcher?

Yes, the plugin is compatible with both Aelia Currency Switcher and WooCommerce Multilingual (WPML).

The two plugins will let you have the role-based prices automatically and correctly converted into the currency that the customer is currently seeing.