User settings

In the “User settings” of plugin option panel, you can choose which price will be shown to each user role.

users settings role based

You can choose to show, for each user role:

  • regular price
  • on-sale price (if available)
  • role-based price (if available)

If you disable “Add to cart”, you can activate catalog mode on every product in your shop.

Please, note: if you have decided to show no prices for the product (and so yu have disabled all options), the plugin will automatically show an alternative text on the product, which you have previously configured in section “Label settings” in plugin option panel.

alternative text

product detail page

In the example above, the alternative text is shown on all products only to users registered as “Editors”.

“Show price for a different user role” let the user know what price he would pay if he would have another role type.

For example: If you become Supplier you’ll be able to buy at this price $2.50

example frontend