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Create a new global rule

All global rules have to be created in YITH > Role Based Prices > Price rules.

In order to add a new rule, click on “Add new role based price”.

Add new role-based price

To configure your rules assign a value to each of the following options:

Add new role-based price options
  • “Apply rule to”: user role to which you want to assign the current rule.
  • “Rule Type”: Choose where the rule will be applied or not:
    • all products
    • Product category
    • Exclude product category
    • Product tag
    • Exclude product tag
  • “Discount or markup”: this option allows you to select the type of change you want to apply to the price. You can choose between “discount” or “markup” to the current price.
    The value field reflects your selection, shown as a price amount or as a percentage discount/markup on the product price.
  • “Priority”: if more than one rule of the same type (Global, product category or product tag) are created for the same user role, priority allows you to create an order for rules to be applied.
    Example: a priority-1 rule will be applied before a priority-10 rule.
  • “Activate rule”: by default, the rule is created and immediately enabled. Yet, if you uncheck this option, you can disable the rule without having to delete it and enable it only when needed.

In case more than one rule of the same type has been configured for the same user role, they will be sequentially applied according to the priority they’ve been given. Global rules are ignored if at least one product rule has been configured in the product.

If you are not ready to publish the new rule, you can use the “save draft” option.