Recently viewed products

With Recently Viewed Products you can dynamically create unlimited shortcodes using the settings you prefer to show users the list of their recently viewed products.

The shortcode will be available in the lower part of the page: you will just have to copy it and use it on the page you want.

Most viewed products

Through the shortcode [yith_most_viewed_products], you can show a list of all most viewed products of your store and filter products shown by category as well. This list will not only show products visited by you but by other users as well.

The parameters of the shortcode are the following:

num_post=: whole number that defines the products to show
num_columns=: whole number that defines the number of columns on which show products
title=: shortcode title
slider=: Values: yes or no to define whether the shortcode must be a slider or not
autoplay=: Values: yes or no to define whether the slider autoplay must be enabled or not
autoplay_speed=: whole value to define the autoplay speed in milliseconds. The default value is 3000
class=: additional classes for the shortcode