Email settings

You can send an email to the users that have not logged on the the website since a specific number of days. The email contains the recently viewed products, in addition to other products the administrator can select manually. In order to make this function work it is necessary to enable the email notification.

email settings

  • Subject: write your own subject or use a placeholder.
  • Email heading: write your own or use a placeholder.
  • Logo image: choose your own image or use a placeholder.

email settings content

  • Email type: Choose in which format you want to send the email.
  • Email content: write your own text or use the default text.

email settings product

  • Add custom products: choose random products to add.
  • Number of products: the number of products you want to show in the email.
  • Product type: which type of products you want to add to the email, include similar products or only viewed products.
  • Products ordered by: show in which order to display the products: sales, price, publication date or random
  • Only the most viewed category:  Enable if you only want to display the products of the most viewed category.


In order to give your users a coupon, you need to enable a coupon first. Users can benefit from a discount for the first product on the list.

You can either choose to use an existing coupon that you’ve previously created or to generate a new one dynamically.

  1. Use an existing coupon:Add existing coupon

    The coupon code will automatically be added to your email content.
    Please, note: you must have created the coupon code before, otherwise, it will not be printed out in the email content.

  2. Generate a new coupon:Create coupon

Once you have set the discount percentage and expiration date of the coupon, add the “{coupon_code}” placeholder in the email to give users the coupon. Don’t forget to save your changes, otherwise, you will lose everything.


send test mail

Once configured, you can get a preview by generating a testing email with the related button.

test email