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Email settings

Through the Email settings, you can send an email to the users that have not logged into the website for a specific number of days. The email includes the recently viewed products, in addition to other products the administrator can manually select.

Email settings

Let’s analyze all the available options:

    • Send email notifications: enable to send automatic emails to users;
    • Schedule email: set how many days have to pass since the last user login to send the email;
    • Number of products: define the number of recently viewed products that you want to show in the email;
    • Select which products to show:
    • Select which products to show: choose whether to show Only viewed products or Viewed products and similar items;
    Email settings options
    • Order products by:choose how to order the products from RandomLatest viewedSalesNewestPrice: high to low, or Price: low to high;
    • Show only products from the most viewed category: enable if you only want to show the products of the category most viewed by the user;
    • Add also custom products: enable to select additional products to promote in the email;
      • Select custom products: (the conditional option that shows by enabling Add also custom products) choose the products to promote in the email;

    Email customization

    To customize the emails sent to users and remind them of the products they are interested in, you can use the set of available options:

    Email customization
    • Logo image: set an image for the email header. You can upload your own image or use the placeholder;
    • Email heading: text for the email heading. You can use one of the available placeholders;
    • Email subject: text for the email subject. You can use one of the available placeholders;
    • Email format: format for the email. You can choose from Plain, HTML, Multipart.
    Customization options
    • Email content: enter your text or use the default one;
    • Thumbnail Size: set product image size (in px). Note: Regenerate the thumbnails of your products to have them correctly implemented by the plugin;
    • Enable Mandrill: enable to authorize Mandrill to send emails;
    • Mandrill API KEY: enter the API KEY of your Mandrill account;
    Google Analytics
    • Add Google Analytics to email links: enable to add Google Analytics parameters to the email links;
      • Campaign Source: enter the referrer;
      • Campaign Medium: enter the marketing medium;
      • Campaign term: enter the terms, comma separated;
      • Campaign content: use this field to differentiate the ads;
      • Campaign name: enter the text for the campaign name;
    Test email
    • Send a test email to: enter the email address to send a test email.