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To encourage your users to purchase the products they are interested in, you can attach a coupon code to the emails sent. When applied, the coupon will grant a discount on the first product added to cart among the suggested ones.

You can either choose to use an existing coupon that you’ve previously created or to generate a new one dynamically.

  1. Use an existing coupon:

Use an existing coupon

The coupon code will automatically be added to your email content.
Please, note: you must have created the coupon code before, otherwise, it will not be printed out in the email content.

2. Create a coupon:


Once you have set the discount percentage and expiration date of the coupon, add the¬†“{coupon_code}”¬†placeholder in the email to give users the coupon. Don’t forget to save your changes, otherwise, you will lose everything.

Email sample

Coupon email