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How to enable One-Click Checkout

When the plugin is activated, a One-Click button will appear on all the products of the shop, but only the users who have entered their shipping data or those who have at least purchased once will be able to see it unless you enable the option Activate for guest that you find in Settings > General options. This option allows redirecting guest customers to the Checkout page after clicking on the one-click button.

Enable One-click Checkout for guest users

If you want to restrict the plugin features only to users who have purchased at least once, you can enable the option Activate after the first order.

Enable One-click Checkout after first order

By default, the plugin adds a button on the product detail page, but you can also show it for every product on the shop page by checking the option Activate in shop page to let users purchase them just with one click.

Enable One-click Checkout on Shop page
One-click checkout on shop page

If you want to show a link instead of a button, enable the option Activate with link.

Enable One-click Checkout through the link