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How to enable One-Click Checkout

When the plugin is activated, a One-Click button will appear on all the products of the shop, but only the users who have entered their shipping data or those who have at least purchased once will be able to see it unless you enable the option Activate for guest that you find in Settings > General options. This option allows redirecting guest customers to the Checkout page after clicking on the one-click button.

Enable One-click Checkout for guest users

If you want to restrict the plugin features only to users who have purchased at least once, you can enable the option Activate after the first order.

Enable One-click Checkout after first order

By default, the plugin adds a button on the product detail page, but you can also show it for every product on the shop page by checking the option Activate in shop page to let users purchase them just with one click.

Enable One-click Checkout on Shop page
One-click checkout on shop page

If you want to show a link instead of a button, enable the option Activate with link.

Enable One-click Checkout through the link

Enable products to One-Click Checkout

The Exclude Categories option in the tab Settings allows you to define product categories that will be enabled for One-Click Checkout.

Exclude categories from One-click Checkout

The same applies to single products by adding them to the table that you will find in the “Product List” tab.

Exclude products from One-click Checkout

In case you want the one-click payment to be enabled only for categories and specific products, enable the option Invert Exclusion and the table will apply plugin features only to the products or categories in the table.

Invert exclusion list

Redirect users

With the Redirect after creating the order option, you can set a specific page of the site where you want to redirect the users after they have purchased using one-click checkout option.

Users can be redirected either to the checkout page, product page or “Thank you” page or even to a custom page of the site, by selecting it from the related dropdown.

Redirect users

Multiple addressess

The plugin allows users to add different shipping addresses, so they can select the one they want to use during the purchase process.
They can add a new shipping address any time from My Account > One Click Checkout or also during the purchase.

Shipping addresses in My Account

Once entered the new shipping address, it will be added to the list of those already available and that can be selected in the product.

How users can select shipping address on product page

In case users want to use a different shipping address besides those already saved, they will just have to click on “Add new Shipping Address” and enter the new one.

Add new shipping address
Add new address form

Style options

In the General options section, you can find the style options to edit colors and texts for the “one-click” button.

Style options
  • Text of activation link: customize the text of the link;
  • Button label: customize the button text;
  • Button background: pick a color for the button;
  • Button background on hover: choose the color of the button on the mouseover;
  • Button text color: edit the color of the text;
  • Button text color on hover: choose the color of the text on mouseover;
  • Show form divider: enable to show a graphic divider between the One-click-checkout button and the standard Add-to-cart button.

Disable One-Click Checkout

The user can disable one-click payment on products by unchecking the option that can be found in “My account” page.

Disable one-click checkout in My Account


The plugin includes a shortcode to show the one-click button, so you can display it wherever you want. This is the shortcode:


And following you find the attributes:

  • product   Set here the product ID that has to be purchased. If no ID is set, it will automatically load the global product, if any.
  • label   Set here the button text. If no label is set, the plugin will automatically load the default label text that has been set in the General settings as explained here.

YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH WooCommerce Quick View allows the users to get a quick view of the product which they are interested in. The product details will be shown in a popup, so they don’t have to leave the page they are currently on.

one click in quick view

In the example above, the customer sees the ‘One–Click‘ button because it is his second order. The One-Click button has been set to be displayed after the first order.

To set up the YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin correctly, please check the complete documentation here.

YITH WooCommerce Stripe

With YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout users can skip the checkout process once the billing info is added. The integration between these two plugins allows users to complete their purchases with just one click without being redirected to the correlated payment page.

To enjoy these advantages, activate YITH WooCommerce Stripe and enable the “Enable stripe payment” option that you will find in the YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout settings panel.

Integration with YITH Stripe

After the first one-click purchase is made with Stripe, further orders done with the one-click button will be automatically processed with Stripe, therefore no payment method will be requested. The system will process the payment using the same billing information from the last purchase.

Integration with YITH Stripe

In case users do not like this behavior and want to select a different payment method for each purchase, they can uncheck the option that can be found on “My account” page.Integration with YITH Stripe

For further details about YITH WooCommerce Stripe settings, please refer to the official documentation.