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How to create a new endpoint

Click on the “Add new” button, to create a new endpoint.

add endpoint

A new empty endpoint opens and you can start customizing it:

Endpoint creation

  • Endpoint label: The label shown on the ‘My account’ page menu.
  • Endpoint slug: The slug that is shown in the link.
  • Endpoint icon: There are 3 options:
    • Don’t show an icon
    • Show a default icon (select a pres-set icon from a list).
    • Upload a custom icon (upload an image of your choice).

Endpoint creation 2

  • Show endpoint to: Either all users, or users with a specific role.
  • User roles: Only the user roles you select here, will be able to see this endpoint.
  • Content: The content you wish to show in the endpoint. You can add text, shortcodes, images, banners etc. Check out this page on how to edit and add banners. Below an example of content with images:

content with images

  • Place content: Where to show the content:
    • Before the default content
    • After the default content
    • Overriding the default content
  • CSS class: Add additional CSS classes to this eindpoint container.
Frontent example:

Example endpoint1

Frontent example with images:

images frontent